QMS500i is the state of the art queue management system, incorporating advanced embedded system technologies. It features an integrated Queue Processor, inter-connects with other queue devices using standard LAN or wireless LAN. The system also provides backward compatibility with some legacy QMS devices that operate on RS485 serial bus.

Some of the new system features are:

  • Integrated Design   The Queue Processor has integrated touch screen and thermal ticket printer, housed in one enclosure.  It also incorporates audio amplifier to support voice announcement through external speakers.  The integrated design offers space and cost savings.
  • Web Base Management Solutions  System monitoring, reporting, setup and control can be performed remotely using standard web browser.  Web interface also offers ease of use and reduce learning curve.
  • Web Counter Terminal  Staff PC can be readily turned into a calling terminal to serve the customer without any software installation.  This simplifies deployment and reduce IT works.
  • Wireless Technology  Integrated WiFi technology helps to minimize cabling and thus installation costs. It comes in handy when it is impossible to lay cable, especially on existing site.
  • Dashboard Views  Allow key performance parameters to be monitored easily in real time.


  • Integrated multifunction Queue Processor
  • Fully web based solutions
  • Licence free web based counter terminal
  • Wireless support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Dashboard status views
  • Basic display content management
  • Branch-headquarters network support
  • Unlimited services
  • Alphanumeric ticket numbers
  • Multiple service priority