Queue Management System (QMS) is an indispensible tool in qustomer management for many estasbilishment with front end counter services. Getting a queue ticket has become a norm and the ticket printer has inadvertently become the firts touch point of the customer journey. A durable and reliable ticket printer plays an important role in ensuring customer begins the journey with pleasant experince.

MTP150 is a sophisticated and elegant dekstop ticket printer that fulfills these requirements. It has a LCD panel with capacitive touch screen that offers good visibility, high durability, and realbility. the screen’s graphical user interface (GUI) is user programmable and supports multilanguange. It incoorporates voice greeting to provide a cordial feedback to the customer. Dynamic queue information such as queue lengths and waiting times can be displayed on the screen to assist customers in planning their visits.

The touch screen display offers user interaction and enchances its functionalities. It enables multi-tier service selection or acts as virtual keyboard for entering phone number, customer, name/ID, etc.

Customer identification can be archieved by adding one of the optional reading devices as barcode reader, magnetic, card reader, smart card reader(MyKad Reader), proximity card reader (RFID) or biometric reader (Fingerprint Sensor). Throught intergration with backend database/CRM, the customer is identified, appropriated service and priority level can than be offered. This technique sumounts the problems of misrepresentation (claiming priority falsely) and rogues (obtaining queue ticket for profit)


  • Capative touch screen
  • User programmable screen layout
  • Print alphanumeric ticket number and barcode
  • User programmable ticket format
  • Multilanguange capacibility
  • Voice greeting
  • Support customer identification
  • LAN or wireless connectivity