Lamson AMR

Dramatically reduce manual transport tasks within the hospital by letting the Lamson AMR do the walking for you.

The Lamson Autonomous Mobile Robot transports lab specimens, medications and hospital supplies, enabling staff to remain focused on patient-related tasks. With more time spent on value-added tasks, overall turnaround times and throughput increase while the cost of labour decreases.

A simple, lean solution, this healthcare robot delivers workflow improvement throughout the hospital. No facility modification is required. The Lamson AMR only needs power from a standard wall outlet to recharge. Its easy-to-program laser guidance system makes sure the healthcare robot safely navigates narrow hallways, tight quarters, and multiple floors.

Lab, pharmacy and other hospital staff can now spend far less time walking and waiting. That means specimens and tests can be analysed sooner, ultimately enabling faster results and overall better patient care.

The Lamson AMR comes in different configurations:

  • Lamson RoboCourier – Enclosed unit with shelves securely locked
  • Lamson RoboConveyor – Transporting tote bins on a conveyor
  • Lamson RoboCart – Transporting carts or trolleys
  • Lamson RoboCasino – Entertaining food & beverages waiter
  • Lamson RoboButler – Hospitality services from linen, supplies to room service and luggage
  • Lamson RoboPatrol – Patrolling, environmental data collection and monitoring,

INTRA- and INTER-Departmental Transport

The RoboCourier can deliver specimens, pharmacy supplies, surgical equipment and other items using an open container. Additionally, if medications and other materials must be transported throughout the hospital, the RoboCourier provides secure transport with a locking container and an optional automatic door/elevator interface

Key AMR key benefits:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Provide reliable 24/7 transport and delivery
  • Free staff to work on patient care tasks
  • Contribute to lean process improvements Transportation, motion and waiting
  • Drive through mapping Fast installation and re-deployment
  • Highly maneuvrable – zero radius turns Deliver in labs and patient rooms
  • Autonomous navigation w/out modifying environment
  • Robot is available in various configurations and payloads

Autonomous Mobile Robot